Usher Could Be Liable For Hundreds Of Millions In STD Damages

By HHL Editors

Last week, we learned that Usher settled a lawsuit for $1.1 million after giving a woman herpes.

Now it looks like he exposed multiple women to the disease.

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Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, who was last seen representing Blac Chyna, says she's been getting calls from other women say they have fallen victim to Usher's dirty dick.

One of Usher's new alleged victims claims she had sex with him in April and tested positive for herpes over the weekend. She's now suing Usher for at least $20 million.

Usher has already admitted to catching herpes in 2010 and is an extraordinarily famous R&B star who has likely had sex with many, many women since then. Meaning he's carrying with him a potential herpes liability that could sink a small nation.

He needs another 'Yeah' and quick.

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