Uncle Luke Says Kanye West Changed Rap By 'Wifin' A Hoe'

By HHL Editors

Uncle Luke isn't down with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's relationship.

While addressing difference between rap and R&B when it comes to the acceptance of ghostwriters, the Miami legend took a strange turn and went after the celebrity couple.

"It used to be a difference, before Kanye West, rappers wasn't wifin' all these hoes," Uncle Luke told WatchLOUD . "Rappers would be secure with they woman. You look at Ice Cube. He's always been with is wife. You look at Will Smith. He's always been with her. Hip Hop was different. We didn't get caught up in the Hollywood thing, where, ok rappers are now marrying Hollywood girls, leaving one, going to the next one, leaving this one.  We didn't do that. I mean, we were like real secure. We wasn't marrying girls or wifing girls, you know, for the Internet to blow up. It's total different in our days."
Do you agree with Uncle Luke that 'Ye's dogged pursuit of celebrity booty has changed the rap game?

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