U-God Accuses RZA of Messing Up the Wu-Tang Clan In New Book

By Daryl Nelson

U-God went in on RZA in his new book Raw; My Journey Into the Wu-Tang and accused him of messing up the group's business. He also said the Wu members aren't clicking these days, and it's all the legendary producer's fault.

“Right now, it just looks like the Wu brothers are not on the same page, going at each other’s throats, missing shows and all that," wrote U-God. "But to me, it’s really years of BS catching up to RZA ...  Things started changing little by little, guys got fed up and eventually we all got individual managers to negotiate and serve as a buffer from all the bullshit. It was no longer one for all and all for one."

On top of that, U-God said even though Wu is one of the most respected names in Hip Hop, they still never had a big time manager.

"In 25 years of being in the business, RZA has never placed the group at an A-list agency," wrote U. "I wonder why? Just talking about this shit frustrates me. I mean here we are, the Rolling Stones of Hip Hop, and we ain’t even got proper representation. Meanwhile, RZA’s always had A-list agents repping him personally. What the fuck is that all about?"

Last year, U-God sued RZA and claimed that he didn't receive royalties in quite some time and never got to the biannual checks for Wu-Tang merchandising that he was promised.

Do you believe his claims?

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