Tyrese's Finances Revealed In Court Docs


Tyrese's life has been an open book the last few months, as the R&B singer and actor has been spilling his guts on Instagram.

He claims he's going to stop doing that and blamed the oversharing on the drug Rexulti -- which he was prescribed for depression and says is now out of his system.

One of the things we learned from Ty during his Rexulti-haze is that he has some money issues.

That's been somewhat confirmed by court documents, which are part of his messy custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Gibson.

The good news is Ty pulls in $105,686 a month. The bad news is he has $107,576 in obligations each month.

More good news: Ty has $884,658 in the bank and property worth $1.7 mil. More bad news: he owes $133,750 to his lawyers.

All and all, we'd have to say Ty is not broke. Sure, he could use that $5 million that Will & Jada Smith never really gave him. But couldn't we all?

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