Tyrese Has Kidnapped Michael Blackson [VIDEO]


Tyrese has claimed that his string of emo rants and public crying is over because he's adjusted his medication. And now he's looking for revenge.

Michael Blackson was one of the folks who had fun with Tyrese's bizarre oversharing, cutting an IG video in which he "trades" Tyrese to the light skin team for Steph Curry and Drake.  Which is a trade no self-respecting light skin GM would ever make.

Tyrese gets back at the comic in a series of Internet video in which he kidnaps Blackson.


In the vids, Ty's goon brings Blackson, bound and in his boxers, to Tyrese's home. While much of it seems like a joke -- like when a masked Ty eats ramen and watches the Transformers cartoon -- other elements were real enough to have multiple people call the cops on Tyrese.

“Will you ever put up another video about my daughter?" Ty threatens a terrified-looking Blackson at one point.


When the cops did arrive, they were told it was all a well-produced gag that Blackson was in on.

Blackson and Tyrese are keeping the joke going with more video:

During his meltdown, Tyrese had claimed that his ex-wife's bad-mouthing of him cost him all of his non-Fast & Furious acting jobs. Will this elaborately-acted prank convince Hollywood to hire Ty again?

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