Tyler, The Creator Tells The Story Behind His Unusual Stage Name

By HHL Editors

We all know Tyler Okonma as Tyler, The Creator -- a stage name that stands out even in a genre full of stage names.

Tyler was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and he told the serendipitous tale of how he became Tyler, The Creator.

"I had three MySpaces right," Tyler told Kimmel. "One of them was 'Tyler Something' and then another one was 'Tyler Something' and then I had a MySpace that just had all my drawings and a couple beats I made and like, random ideas and stuff and I put it under 'Tyler, The Creator' because I couldn’t think of anything else. That page got more popular and I then just ran with it. I did not plan this out at all."
Tyler went on to say what he really wants to do is start a cult or a religion, but that he hasn't been able to yet.

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