A Tyga/Kylie Jenner Sex Tape Reportedly Popped Up On Tyga's Website

By HHL Editors

According to folks who frequent Tyga's website, a sex tape featuring T-Raww and his ex Kylie Jenner popped up on the site for about 30 minutes before being removed.

The Daily Mail has spoken to a source close to Kylie, and they reveal she's freaking out over the tape.

'Tyga will not sign off on releasing it to the masses, but Kylie is scared that a sex tape could get in the wrong person's hands with one of his buddies and they could put it online to embarrass her," the source told the paper. 'She is freaking out that something like that will happen, especially if she starts bashing Tyga in any way. If the Kardashians bash him, it would open the door for something like that to happen. He has a lot of power right now.'
While we have little doubt that there is somewhere a recording of Tyga and Kylie doing the nasty, there are a couple of reasons to be a bit skeptical of the Daily Mail's source.

1) California now has revenge porn laws, and Tyga could be arrested if he leaks footage of Kylie without her permission.

2) We're not sure Kylie would be worried about a tape leaking. That is how the Kardashian Klan became famous in the first place.

Anyway, if you are really jonesing to see Tyga and Kylie do the no pants dance, there is a porn parody you can check out.

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