Tyga Sued For Stiffing Sexual Assault Victim On Settlement

By HHL Editors

Tyga's 2011 boob-filled 'Make It Nasty' video has been making it legally nasty for T-Raww for years.

Four women in total have sued Tyga over the visuals and shoot. Among their claims were their nipples were shown without their permission, they were plied with alcohol before the shoot, and they were groped and sexually assaulted on set, including by a man in a yellow bunny suit.

Allison Brown is among those who says she was dry humped by a perv in a bunny costume. She settled her case for $50,000 earlier this year and received 25K with the expectation she would be getting the rest soon.

That hasn't happened, and Brown just filed legal papers demanding the rest of her settlements plus a late payment penalty.

This adds to the list of creditors who are using the legal system to recover money from T-Raww.

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