Tyga Sued For Having His Goon Rough Up Process Server

By HHL Editors

The thing about being a high profile deadbeat is that you get sued a lot.

So one would think Tyga knows how to play it cool when he gets served with papers.

Apparently not. T-Raww is now getting sued for telling his weed-carrier to beat down a process server who presented Tyga with papers on his birthday in November.

The suit alleges the process server "was grabbed, yanked, pulled and choked" by someone in the rapper's entourage and that Tyga prompted the violence.

It also shades Kylie's guy by calling him a "minor" celebrity who's known more for his social life than his music.

If the process server does end up prevailing in the case, he knows first hand that collecting his winnings from Tyga is going to be a bitch.

Here's video of the incident, which does seem to back up some of the process server's story:

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