Tyga Says There Is Nothing Morally Wrong With Dating Kylie Jenner

By HHL Editors

As has been pointed out countless times, Tyga's relationship with 17-year old Kylie Jenner is technically a crime.

But Tyga doesn't care. TMZ reports T-Raww "doesn't give a fuck about what the law says," and that's why he's been more blatant with their relationship lately. His rational is that the littlest Karadashian is a millionaire who runs her own company and owns her own home -- making her much more mature than the typical 17-year old.

Kylie becomes legal on August 10, but don't expect Tyga to be contacted by the authorities before then. The unofficial policy of the state of California is to only investigate statuary rape cases involved 17 year olds if somebody complains about the relationship.

Not to give Blac Chyna any ideas.

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