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Tyga Pushes Back Against Story That He Owes Rent

By HHL Editors

We all had a good laugh this weekend when we learned that Tyga owes a former landlord about 100K.

It's funny because T-Raww is always going on about how rich he is, and funny because what allegedly set his landlord off is an Instagram photo Tyga posted with stacks of hundreds.

Tyga responded on Twitter today, blasting TMZ for breaking the news of the lawsuit, and slamming his landlord for filing it.

What's interesting here is Tyga doesn't seem to be denying he's being sued for not paying his rent. So TMZ isn't "fabricating" a story: they are reporting on an ongoing court case involving a celebrity. If Tyga doesn't believe that the landlord's claim against him is valid, he needs to go to court to prove it.

But, if TMZ's reporting is accurate, Tyga has been avoiding facing his landlord in court. And that's why he ended up in the tabloids. (Although we can't deny we like the clicks ...)

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