Tyga To Get MTV Reality Show But Kylie Jenner Isn't Welcome On It

By HHL Editors

Tyga might be on the outs with Young Money, but he's on the ins with MTV. The 25-year old has just signed a deal with the music network to star on a reality show about his exciting life and times.

But there's a catch: According to TMZ, neither Tyga's somewhat famous girlfriend Kylie Jenner nor his somewhat famous baby mama Blac Chyna will be featured on the show. Instead, it will be about T-Raww hanging with his boys, Entourage-style.

The show is set to air this spring and Tyga's buddy and tour-mate Chris Brown has already shot an episode.

Now if T-Raww really did knock up Kylie, as has been reported in multiple tabloids, we're thinking they're going to have trouble keeping that off of the show.

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