Tyga Explains How The Kardashians Changed His Music & Outlook

By HHL Editors

Tyga is no longer a Kardashian.

But he left Kylie Jenner the first family of reality TV with a new perspective, which he says has changed his music.

The 27-year old tells XXL his new project Bitch I’m the Shit 2 is more female oriented because he realizes dating Kylie Jenner gave him a larger female fan base.

"Being around that family really I wouldn't say helped my brand, you know what I’m saying—business-wise or nothing like that," he admitted. "But I think it definitely put me in the light of more women, being seen that their fan base is more female-driven. It kinda like made me reevaluate my music and kinda like how I move and carry myself I think because I know more women are watching what I’m doing. Making more female-driven music, tapping into that emotion and kinda like speaking from a male’s perspective on a lot of the situations that men go through with women and just that point of view of someone in my position, you know,” he shares."
Just wait until he changes his name to Caitlyn, too.

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