Ty Lue Speaks On Lebron James Leaving Cleveland


Ty Lue's friendship with LeBron James is a big part of why he's the coach of the Cleveland Cavs.

Not that coaching LeBron is an easy task. The two clashed occasionally, and last season Lue had to take a leave of absence from the team for "health reasons."

Nevertheless, Ty is sad and surprisingly blindsided by LeBron's well-telegraphed decision to leave Cleveland and sign a 4-year $154 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.


“I didn’t expect it. I was shocked and you know hurt a little bit by the decision but like I said we talked, and he said you know that I’m his favorite guy. He loved being coached by me," Lue said.

How long do you expect Lue to last in Cleveland without LeBron?

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