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Twitter Responds To Beyonce Calling Jay Z Out For Cheating

By HHL Editors

The overarching theme of Beyonce's Lemonade project, both the HBO special and the album, seems to be that Jay Z cheated on her.

You ain't married to no average bitch boy, you can watch my fat ass twist boy, as I bounce to the next dick boy," she sings in 'Don't Hurt Yourself.' “He better call Becky with the good hair," she sings at the end of the track 'Sorry.'
Hov appeared at the end of the HBO film in a make up scene, so maybe all has been forgiven. But Twitter is less forgiving.

Or another way to look it at this is that Hov is the big winner here. He cheated on his wife. But she's still with him, and his infidelity is just going to bring more streams to TIDAL.

As for Becky with the good hair? A lot of folks think it's Rachel Roy. Dame Dash's ex-wife acknowledged such on IG.

Rachel roy

Of course the BeeHive struck.

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