Twista Says Racism Is Behind Little League Stripping Title From Jackie Robinson West

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, the Chicago-based Jackie Robinson West Little League squad was stripped of their  2014 U.S. title after an investigation found that local officials improperly extended the team's geographical boundaries, allowing them to add additional out-of-district players to the squad.

Jackie Robinson West was the first all-black Little League team to win the US title, and some -- including the Rev. Jesse Jackson -- are questioning whether racism played a role in Little League's decision.

Chicago-based rapper Twista was pretty explicit in that charge in an interview with TMZ

"I’m outraged," said Twist. "You don’t see this extensive of an investigation happen unless it happens to black people."

Twista explained that the out-of-district players might have had to join the Jackie Robinson West team because the facilities in their neighborhoods had been torn down.

"It’s the friendly game of baseball … no one is comfortable when a group like them does something positive in that. They rush to tear them down," Twista concluded.

What do you think? Did racism play a role, or was Jackie Robinson West simply caught cheating?

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