Turk Scolds Kodak Black Over Lil Wayne [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Lil Wayne's been ignoring Kodak Black's trolling, despite 50 Cent's best efforts to get him involved.

But Weezy's old Hot Boys bro Turk isn't keeping his mouth shut.

Turk took to Instagram to scold the youngster for disrespecting Weezy.

@LilTuneChi Is Every Young Nigga Who Didn't Grow Up Wanting To Be The #HotBoys #RapperFightChallenge

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Last Part Of Previous Video @LilTuneChi My Lil Brudda @kodakblack My Lil Homie #DeadDat #RapperFight

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“Man I keep gettin’ all these inboxes and shit about these rapper fight shit,” Turk says in the clip. “Man I fuck with Kodak Black, but c’mon man, y’all already know. Ain’t no nigga fucking with Wayne when it comes to this motherfuckin’ pen game. Ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with Wayne. This shit been going on since we were young niggas, dawg. Wayne always was the type of nigga, when a nigga was druggin’ and thuggin,’ Wayne was focused.” “Don’t get me wrong, Kodak, I fuck with your shit," he continues But I’m giving the heads up ... Dead that shit. We don’t need no more beef going on, period.”
In the clip, Turk also describes what a freestyling prodigy a young Wayne.

Kodak would probably be wise to be like Wayne and focus on his craft.

But trolling also seems to have its rewards.


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