Turk Explains How He Had Sex In Prison


Last year, Turk hinted that he did some not-very heterosexual things when he was in prison.  First, he excused Birdman from the habit of kissing his artists on the lips by saying it was merely a "penitentiary game."

Next, in an interview with VladTV, Turk said he had sex in prison, but wouldn't share with who.

He revisited those comments during his Drink Champs interview.

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"I got an exclusive.  I f*cked, man," Turk said dramatically.

"Wait what?" N.O.R.E., unclear if there was a comma before the "man."

"I f*cked," Turk clarified.  "Now let me tell you about f*cked.  I'm not going to get f*cked by telling you who I f*cked.  But if you a real street n*gga you already know who I f*cked.  A lot of you'll be like, 'he must have f*cked a punk,' because a lot of y'all don't have no status.  I'm a gangsta man, I shot two police."

In other words, Turk banged a female prison guard.  But he wants to keep it somewhat ambiguous so you buy his book and watch his documentary.

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