Troy Ave Sex Tape Gets Leaked After Two Women Argue Over Him

By Daryl Nelson

A nightclub shooting, some serious legal problems and rap beefs.

That's how Troy Ave's 2016 could be described, and now there's a rumor that he has a sex tape out.

The Brooklyn rapper recently took to social media and said that someone stole his lap top, which had some footage of him in bed with a woman. Troy said he tried to confront the computer thief but had no luck at all.

Not a good week for Troy Ave! First the side chick blasts him for his alleged gay behavior, then this morning his side chicks all get into it through dm & now his sextape will be leaked. I put a quick clip on Twitter of the tape. Link in bio!

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Then he told the person to go ahead and release the tape, because he's not doing anything out of the ordinary on it. So far, 30 seconds of footage has been released, and there's supposed to be more to come.

In what seems to be a separate incident, two women who claim to be with the 31-year-old had an argument on social media, and one of the ladies said she's Troy's main squeeze and the other is just a side-chick.

When side chicks message other side chicks Link in bio if you missed the tea from last night on dude

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You can read the rapper's message to the lap top crook above, as well as the woman's.

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