Troy Ave Says He's The Second Coming Of Tupac In New Interview

By Daryl Nelson

Troy Ave stopped by The Breakfast Club today (April 5) for the first time since that Irving Plaza incident, and then being shot on Christmas Day.

One of the more memorable parts of the interview is when the Brooklyn rapper said he feels like the new Tupac after surviving a couple of murder attempts.

"I go in the motherfuckin' club and niggas going crazy," he said. "In the clubs and in the streets where they playing all the fucking trap music, all types of shit, niggas go crazy. 'Oh shit, that's Troy Ave.' Nigga, it's the second coming of Tupac, it's new Pac. I go do shows, nigga, everything different. The handshakes are different. Women suck a nigga dick different. Everything is different ... I'm the new Pac. That's how it feel."
Later in the interview, Troy explained that he's taking the necessary precautions to make sure he doesn't get killed, and that he's still able to enjoy life while watching his back.

What do you think about Troy's Tupac claims? You can see a snippet of his interview below.

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