Troy Ave Responds After Joey Bada$$ Rips Him In Five Fingers Of Death Freestyle

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Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave are still beefing.

Their lingering feud had really exploded a month ago when Troy insulted Joey's boy Capital Steez, who had committed suicide.

It flared up again yesterday when Bada$$ went in on Troy during a Five Fingers of Death Freestyle.

When he did more dead then you could ever do alive Now I won't even lie, can't agree with suicide But in the darkest time, there's still a brighter side He took a leap of faith and only brightened his light You took a cheap shot and hate will only shorten your life Difference between you and him is that he lives forever You'll be the first to die who nobody ever remembers Cause the city never needed you ever You committed career suicide, and made New York better
Troy responded with this IG post

"A GUN IN YA (Drug Addict) FACE AND THATS ALL YOU CAN COME UP WITH" backpack rapper I'm not gonna say ya $HiT garbage cause that would imply that I'm being malicious. So Ima tell u YOUR MUSIC IS NOT APPEALING TO OR A REFLECTION OF ANYTHING THAT REPRESENTS THE REAL NEW YORK CITY, the $Treets don't fuk wit u, maybe DUNBO, yea use a DUMBO, SOHO, 42nd Street Times Square Village People rapper

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He also posted some of the track that went after Steez in the first place.

1 jumps off a roof and the other see's how that turns out so he decides to be smarter but still jumps out the window man I don't know wtf type of drugs they using over there but they really think they #SuperHeroes #WackMan & #SplatMan Ima tear all u niggas up on this new MIXTAPE #MoreImportantly My New $ingle #GoodGirlGoneBad is OUT NOW & it's + the video link to BADA$$ is in my Bio A video posted by Troy Ave (@troyave) on
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