Troy Ave Posts Video Of Joe Budden's Girl Cyn Santana Licking Him

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Troy Ave just got personal in his beef with Joe Budden.

The tiff seems to have started when Budden didn't visit Troy in the hospital after he was shot.

So Troy ripped Budden as a fake in his track 'Press Spray'. Then Joe clowned Troy's notoriously bad sales numbers.

Now this has happened:

#PressSpray ‪#ThisShitWackLikeAJoeBuddenTrack‬ "Rappin podcaster and a dick eater, tryna see how the balls taste, Ask ya chick she in a vid lickin my face" don't beat her up man, u shouldn't put ya hands on a women & we know u be on some emotional beat a bitch then take mad pills Tryna OD u fukin Junky! ... difference wit me is all my raps is real! the #FakeOnes said I sold 800 copies of a mixtape that i dropped for free all that means is I made an unexpected $7,000 I might use the free money to buy some patio furniture 4 my pool with the water fall Y'all haters gotta come better u already tried that 1 u can't assassinate my character y'all too weak and us #TheRealOnes is too strong we gettin even stronger! #MoreImportantly (#NuPac Link in My bio) #GODisGreatAndThePaperStraight

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That's Budden's girl Cyn Santana licking Troy's face.

Maybe don't attack a guy for having poor sales when he has video of your girl licking his face.

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