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Troy Ave Posts The Real Sales Numbers For 'Major Without A Deal'

By HHL Editors

Troy Ave had some explaining to do after it was reported his debut album 'Major Without A Deal' only moved 4373 overall units and just 30 physical copies in its first week.

As he quickly pointed out, his album dropped on a Friday, giving it three fewer days to accumulate first week sales. He vowed to give the public the "real numbers" when he got them, and earlier this week he did.

all the jokes & drama queen $HiT was cute and probably really hilarious .... to the haters & #FakeOnes but #MoreImportantly And who matters are the #RealOnes so here's the Real Numbers 7,708 albums sold to be exact + over 10million in streams off album singles #LookUpAtTheScoreBoard Ima be over here in the end zone with my team praising #GOD b4 the celebration dance #BSBrecords is the People's Brand, Troy Ave is the peoples Champ I represent everybody wit a hope and dream that chose to go out and make it come true, I'm living proof that u can do anything you set YA mind too. I came here to be great and to Motivate the people, fuk all that bum $HiT, fuk all that doubt, fuk all that hate jus go out and win in the game of Life. and Jus know if I'm doing it You can do the same #BSBrecords the #1 independent label in the streets s/o 2 all the fans / supporters I appreciate yall & #SaluteToTheDjs #MajorWithoutADEAL "rap album of the year" is available now DOWNLOAD LINK IN MY BIO #DooDoo RETWEET & REPOST that!

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7,708 album sales (480 physical) over what looks like ten days is still pretty poor, and the 10 million streams is unverified and hard to quantify.

Troy has pointed out that as an independent artist he is entitled to a much larger percentage of gross sales than a rapper on a label would get. Still, he had to pay all the impressive features he got on 'Major Without A Deal,' so that's going to cut into the profits.

Despite his lack of a deal, Troy has gotten a lot of breaks.

He made the 2014 Freshman list, and was twice placed on the main stage at Summer Jam before he dropped a debut album which came stocked with star-studded features.

So far his sales haven't justified those honors, no matter how you look at them.

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