Troy Ave Is Struggling To Get By After Making Bail

By HHL Editors

troy-ave-shootingTroy Ave was able to make bail after being charged with attempted murder for shooting up Irving Plaza.

But he's having trouble getting by due to the conditions of his release.

According to Troy's lawyer John Stella, the judge's provisions which ban Troy from leaving New York City or performing in nightclubs and other venues have cost Troy 50 tour dates.

Stella argues that this is putting unfair financial stress on Troy, who had to put his mom's house up to make his $500,000 bail.

“He’s barely able to get by,” Stella said. “Touring is what drives everything else, and it’s hard to release music if he can’t promote it with live performances.”

Stella thinks Troy should get a similar deal to Rick Ross, who's currently on bail for kidnapping charges.

“Just like Rick Ross, Troy should be given the ability to work and provide for his family,” Stella said. Ross is under 24 hour GPS surveillance, but is allowed to tour.

According to Stella, Troy would be making between $6,000 and $10,000 a show.


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