Troy Ave Explains Backstage Shooting In 'Free Troy Ave' Mixtape

By HHL Editors

Troy Ave shootingTroy Ave is in prison awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder, reckless endangerment and illegal weapons possession.

We all saw him on tape, shooting up the green room during a T.I. concert.

But in the intro to his new mixtape Free Troy Ave, Troy -- free-styling on a jail house phone -- explains what happened and proclaims his innocence

Locked in a jail but I’m gonna get free I wear icy gold chains can’t no brass break me Pussy nigga tried to assassinate me I took the gun, turned the tables round like a G R.I.P. my nigga B-A-N-G, Couldn’t make your funeral, but I heard that you was fleek
"I'm innocent, unless you charging me with being real from the beginning," he raps at the end of the intro.

Do you think Troy's "I took the gun" defense will work?

Check out Free Troy Ave below:

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