Trick-Trick Denies Banning J. Cole From Detroit

By HHL Editors

J. Cole mentions Eminem in his new song Fire Squad, calling the beloved veteran out as a white performer who has "snatched the sound.

This didn't sit well with Detroit emcee Trick-Trick, or somebody using Trick-Trick's Instagram handle, because he said this about Cole and any of his future plans to travel to Detroit:

Trick Trick first

Trick-Trick's "lock the gates" comment is significant because in the past, Trick-Trick has effectively imposed a 'No Fly Zone' banning rappers who haven't collaborated with artists from Detroit, or paid a tithe, from performing in the Motor City. This came to a head this summer when Trick-Trick prevented Rick Ross from doing a scheduled show in Detroit.

However, now Trick-Trick is saying he didn't lock the gates of his town on Cole, posting this Instagram clarification, using the same handle:

Trick Trick Instagram

Trick-Trick's twitter account is also full of messages like this, which expresses his frustration with Social Media.

Anyway, it all sounds like Trick-Trick got a little emo on social when he thought his buddy and his town were being dissed. Then he wised up. Maybe out of deference to Cole's growing stature in the game.

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