Trick Daddy Threatens Nino Brown With A Finger In The Booty [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Trick Daddy was not happy that Nino Brown mentioned his name in a negative way in his "So Far Gone" freestyle.

So he called out his fellow Miami emcee in the most vulgar of terms:

"I'll stick my finger in your ass, you gay, dick, eat a booty, nigga," Trick Daddy rants.
He also claims that DJ Khaled dropped Brown because he caught Nino taking photos with his money.

Brown has responded to Trick's vitriol be saying he wasn't the one who started their feud.

"I ain't in your lane and you ain't in mine. I'm just trying to get some money and feed my family. I ain't in your lane and I ain't fucking with you," Brown explained. "Why the fuck are you fucking with me?"
What would you do if another man threatened to go Amber Rose all up in your ass?

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