Trick Daddy Blames Kodak Black's Friends For Recent Arrest

By Daryl Nelson

Last week Kodak Black was arrested on a slew of new charges after police raided his Florida home. Fellow Floridian Trick Daddy blamed Kodak's friends and his upbringing for his mounting legal issues.

"I still scream 'Free Kodak' because he got a lot of niggas around him that's ciphering up all his motherfucking fame, that's ciphering up all his wealth, that's ciphering up all the weed," said Trick. "And that's why the crackers ran in the man's house, 'cause he got the wrong niggas around him."

Trick also pointed to Kodak's age and said if he was older he would've known better. 

"Free that nigga Kodak, because he ain't know no better," he said.  "Y'all seen the young nigga talk that shit. But at the same time I know that he's a young nigga, and I know that nobody raised him right, and all the niggas around him don't have genuine love for him."

Do you agree with Trick's reasoning as to why Kodak got arrested and why he stays in so much legal trouble?

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