Trey Songz Responds To KeKe Palmer's Claims Of Being Secretly Filmed

By Daryl Nelson

By now you're probably familiar with the story.

The actress KeKe Palmer goes to a house party thrown by Trey Songz. Then at some point, he asks her to be in his video for the song "Pick Up The Phone," but she turns him down.

Afterwards, according to KeKe, she was filmed without permission, which made her blast Trey on social media days later.

"How am I in this video, Trey?" she asked. "After you found me in a closet hiding, because I was so afraid of anymore conflict."
Today (Feb. 17), the R&B crooner stopped by The Breakfast Club and gave his side of the story.

"Ain't nobody put her on camera without asking," he said. "There's a sign on the door: 'You step on the premises, you will be recorded,' point blank period. I don't have to say nothing else about nothing."
Earlier this month, KeKe gave an interview and said that she and Songz squashed their beef, but the singer said that's false.

"That's a lie too," he stated. "I ain't call her. I ain't try to call Keke. None of that ... I don't care that much to sneak KeKe Palmer in the video for two seconds. Who the fuck does that? I'm gonna sneak you in the video, KeKe? No, I'm not. Fuck out of here."
You can watch Trey's full Breakfast Club Interview below.



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