Travis Scott Gives Shia Labeouf Stylish Co-Sign

By HHL Editors

We all know that Shia LaBeouf has bars.

But is he also a style icon?

Travis Scott thinks so. In an interview with Hypebeast, the impregnator of a Kardashian/Jenner named LaBeouf and Ryan Gosling his two style icons.

He also spoke on how his fashion sense has evolved over the years.

"I'm just able to get more stuff," he said. "You mature in like different ways, it's like taste level and things, some things you just don't want to do anymore or wear anymore. You know, you outgrow."
But back to Labeouf. Check what comes up when you Google image "Shia Labeouf Fashion."

Is that working for you?

Whether he's a style icon or not, we can probably all agree it's pretty entertaining when Shia spazzes out on a white nationalist while wearing both a hoody and a ski cap.

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