Trailblazers' Maurice Harkless Gets Huge Bonus By Not Shooting 3-Pointers

By HHL Editors

The NBA has gone 3-point mad this season.

Now just about everybody on the roster tries to score from behind the arc.

Portland forward Maurice Harkless had attempted a career high 194 3-pointers with four games left in the season. He ended the season with 194 attempts, despite averaging about 30 minutes a game in his final three contests. (He was rested the last game of the regular season.)

Why the sudden gun-shyness?

Harkless has a clause in his contract that gave him a $500,000 bonus if he finishes a season shooting at least 35 percent from behind the arc, and he was sitting on 35.1 percent going into game 79. One miss would bump him down to 34.87 percent and cost him half a million.

Moe was pretty blatant about the plan on Instagram.

I guess dinners on me tonight ahaha

A post shared by Maurice Harkless (@moe_harkless) on

With a pre-bonus salary of $8,988,76, Moe's probably always a good guy to go to dinner with.

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