Tory Lanez's Lawyer Responds To Pregnant Woman Hit & Run Allegations


Legally troubled rapper Tory Lanez is now being sued for ramming the car of a pregnant woman and then speeding off in his Bentley.

According to married couple Krisha and Jesse Grullon, on New Year's Day 2021 they were stopped at a red light at the end of a Miami highway off-ramp.  They claim  Tory came out of nowhere and hit their car from the rear left side with his green Bentley SUV.

Then he sped off without checking on them.  The woman was four months pregnant.

The couple is requesting Tory be forced to sit for a deposition early next year so their suit can go forward.

Tory's lawyer Andell Brown is denying there was ever such an accident.  He questions why the couple didn't file an insurance claim until July of 2021 when the incident happened in January.  Brown also wonders why the couple initially said the car that hit them was silver and then switched it to green, the color of Tory's car.  He believes the couple simply looked up Tory's license plate number in an attempt to get a big payout from a vulnerable celebrity.

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