Timbaland Terrorized By Squatter At Miami Beach Mansion


Earlier this year, Timbaland thought he had reached a deal to sell his Miami mansion to a man named William Zamora.

But then the deal fell through. 

Unfortunately, Zamora had already moved into the property. And he wouldn't leave, leaving Timbaland with a dreaded squatter situation.

According to Zamora, the reason the sale didn't close is that the IRS and Timbaland's divorcee attorney already had liens on the home. Then things got even more complicated when Zamora filed bankruptcy.

After a couple of months and with the help of the sheriff, Tim finally got Zamora out of the home. But he left a mess; Tim says Zamora destroyed his prized Street Fighter arcade game and left his attic full of bees. He also claims multiple TVs were stolen and there was damage to the carpets and upholstery.  He estimates the total damages around 100K.

Good luck collecting on that.

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