Tim Roth Remembers Tupac's Legendary Work Ethic

By HHL Editors

If Tupac was still alive, there's a good chance he'd be more known for his acting than his rapping. Gridlock’d, which ended up being Pac's second-to-last movie, co-starred Tim Roth, and Roth recently sat down with Crave and discussed Shakur.

According to the Selma star, he became quite tight with Tupac during filming. Roth said Pac was very professional, and the only time a conflict arose between the two it had to do with Tupac's legendary work ethic.

He would leave the set and go straight to a studio to record, Roth told Crave. And then he had to do music videos as well at the time. And he would come to work and he was knackered. He was exhausted. I said, "You've got to stop your hours now. You can’t be walking wounded when you’re coming to the set because you’re not going to do your best work." And he really shut it down. He was pretty great about it. But he did take me to Death Row Records [laughs] and me and him rapped together.
Roth added that nobody knows where their collaborative track is.

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