There's Lots Of Hip Hop In The 70 Biggest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

By HHL Editors

New York magazine has compiled the 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories In Pop Culture History.

It's a must read for any Illuminati fearing world citizen.

12 of the CTs would be of particular interest to Hip Hop fans.

They are:

Eminem looks nothing like he used to. Blue Ivy is not really Beyoncé’s baby. But Solange is. Khloe Kardashian is O.J. Simpson’s daughter. Nicki Minaj is just lip-syncing to sped-up Jay Z vocals. Tupac faked his death. Eazy-E, killed by Suge Knight. Tupac and Biggie, killed by Suge Knight Tupac and Biggie, killed by the FBI The private prison industry had a hand in the rise of gangster rap. Bill Cosby, Oprah, and others forced Dave Chappelle off the air. The Illuminati controls the minds of countless celebrities.
Let us know what they missed, and if you are buying any of these as truth.

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