Here's More Proof That A$AP Rocky And Rihanna Are A Couple

By Daryl Nelson

The rumor that A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are a couple is buzzing louder than ever before.

Page Six recently reported that Rocky and RiRi were seen behind a curtain at Beatrice Inn, a popular New York City hangout.

There are now some photos floating around that show the two celebs going for a stroll in New York earlier this week. They both covered up their faces with masks and hoods, but it's possible they did that not only for COVID-19 protection, but to conceal their faces from paparazzi.

Of course, it's possible that Rocky and Rihanna are just friends and were simply going for a walk. The Barbadian singer recruited Rocky for her Fenty Skin campaign, so there's more than one reason they could have been hanging out.

Do you think they're a couple or just friends and business partners?



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