There Is Evidence Of A New Childish Gambino Album

By HHL Editors

childishLast year, Donald Glover said he was done with his Childish Gambino rap character.

Since then he's done a good job of just being Donald Glover.

Still, it looks like Glover didn't really whack Gambino.

There was a new Gambino song on Glover's hit show Atlanta, and now eagle eyed redditor Lucid Dreams has spotted this at his local FYE media outlet.

If the image is too small, it reads Childish Gambino Awaken, My Love, and a release date of December 2.

Lucid Dreams says the store clerk didn't have any further information.

Are you hype for a new Childish Gambino album? (And when was the last time you actually bought a CD in a record store?)

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