The Internet Thinks They Know Who Killed Young Dolph

By Benny Franklin

Young Dolph was shot and killed two days while visiting a cookie shop in Memphis, and now the internet thinks they know who did it. 

The police released pictures of the suspects and get-a-way vehicle, and a few internet sleuths are piecing things together. 

While this is all speculation and "alleged," the internet detectives say a person named "Zeeky Zeek" matches information within the case, and was caught online saying suspicious things. 

The first piece of evidence is that Zeeky drives a white Mercedes.

The second piece of evidence is matching Bass Pro Sho hats seen in the shooters picture and Zeeky's pictures on Facebook. 

The third piece of evidence are the things Zeeky posted on his Facebook before and after the shooting. 

Check out all the evidence below and let us know what you think. 

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