The Game Loses Appeal; Has To Pay Priscilla Rainey All Of His Royalties & More


In 2015, Priscilla Rainey sued The Game for $10 million for sexually assaulting her on his VH1 reality show She's Got Game.

Game pulled a Birdman and never showed up in court to fight the charges, so a judge awarded her $7.1 million. 

Since then, he has tried to avoid paying her while appealing the case.

That jig appears to be up.

The Game appealled the initial ruling for Rainey on three grounds. First, he challenged the judge rejecting his motion to reschedule the trial. Second, he challenged the judge's missing-witness instruction. That's when the jury is told to assume that if a witness is missing (in this case, Game not showing up to testify on his own behalf) it's because the defense thought the witness's testimony would hurt their case. Third, Game appealed the judge's decision to allow a video from She's Got Game that showed Game and Rainey having a verbal confrontation, claiming it was prejudicial.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently rejected all of those appeals and affirmed the Northern District of Illinois' decision not to grant Game a re-trial.

This means that Rainey is now entitled to all of Game's commissions, royalties, contract receivables, deferred compensation, income, wages, payroll, salary, and accounts receivable until she gets her money.

Game has an album Born 2 Rap coming soon so she can start working on that.

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