The Game Manhandles Pesky Fan Who Tried To Take A Selfie

By Daryl Nelson

One guy learned the hard way not to take a selfie on stage while The Game is performing.

While doing a show in Slovenia during his 45 city European tour, the rapper got physical with a fan who tried to use his cell phone to take a picture. 

"Back the fuck up man, just back up bro," Game said after he pushed the fan.

  Then a member of his team knocked the offender to the ground.

Meanwhile, the rapper is being accused by an English promoter of ditching a performance after being paid £16,000.

The promoter said that he met up with Game prior to the concert and gave him the money but he didn't show up later on that night.

"We have no idea why he didn’t turn up," said  Junior Masandi, the promoter. "He had requested full payment for the show, which we would normally hold off from doing until around an hour before the show. But on this occasion, we paid him three hours before. We believed everything was in hand and that he was happy with everything."

The Game hasn't responded to Masandi's claims.

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