The Game Got Thrown Out Of Australia For The Stupidest Reason

By HHL Editors

Australia has a well deserved reputation for being tough on rappers.

But The Game's ejection from the island nation a few days ago had nothing to do with his lyrics or a history of being violent.

No Game got the boot because he confused Australia with New Zealand.

Game had flown from Dubai to Australia on Friday. When he landed, customs discovered that neither the 36-year old nor any members of his crew had the proper visas.

They did have papers for entry into New Zealand, which Game was also scheduled to play during his tour of Oceania.

The New Zealand visas didn't didn't work, however, because Australia is a completely different country. So Game was sent back home to Los Angeles.

Game doesn't seem too worry about the mix up, which led him to cancel six dates in Australia and New Zealand.

Ain't no place like home ! #LosAngeles your KING is back !!! What we on ???

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