The Game Announces Album, Says He's Probably Retiring After It

By HHL Editors

50 Cent isn't the only vet who says he's stepping away from rap after his next album.

His old buddy The Game shared a similar sentiment during a show all the way in Russia.

That moment, when #TheGame announced that his next album, will be his last album , its called "Westside Story". Hope that's not true. @50cent also announced about his last project #SKI, now Game... @losangelesconfidential #GameTime #TheGame #50Cent #BudArena #WinnersCircle #BWS #Moscow #LilWayne #Russia #BloodMoney #1992BlockWarsTour #BlockWarsTour #GUnit #EuropeanTour #BloodMoneyENT

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"When I get back to LA, I'm going straight to jail because I fucking had a fight with a police officer and shit," Game said. "So I'm gonna sit down for a minute and write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album. It's called 'Westside Story', it's gonna be some ill shit."
Of course, rappers claiming retirement is even less convincing than when boxers do it.

That grain of salt aside, a 50 Cent/Game post-retirement reality show could be interesting.

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