The Falcons DJ Plans To Hit Russell Wilson With Many Future Tracks

By HHL Editors

We would be seriously surprised if Future sings the national anthem before the Atlanta Falcons - Seattle Seahawks divisional playoff game this weekend, as Falcons fans are trying to petition to have happen.

And not just because it would be an odd move on Future's part; Falcons coach Dan Quinn has already said bringing Russell Wilson's wife Ciara's baby daddy into it isn't part of the team's strategy.

However, the Falcons official DJ says he is going forward with a full slate of Future for the game.

"This is Atlanta. I play Future at every home game," DJ Jay Envy told Complex. "That’s like not playing [Kanye] in Chicago. It just doesn’t happen. I’m not not going to play Future because of a certain team or player...I’m going to play it and, to be honest, no one has hit me up directly saying I can’t play the records I normally play." "[I"m] fitting in as many Future records as I can get away with, he continued.
Could this possibly make a difference?

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