Thanks To Weed, Snoop Dogg Is Now An Accomplished Painter

By HHL Editors

Paper magazine has been doing some shocking things lately. They tried to break the Internet with a nude Kim Kardasian and in that same issue they declared 'Snoop Dogg Is The Jackson Pollock Of Our Time.'

Now Pollock's painting style isn't for everybody, but if you know art you also know that is a bold statement.

What is true is that Snoop, like former President George W. Bush, has taken to painting in his old age. And he's been good enough that Swedish sock company Happy Socks has been featuring his creations on their wares.

Snoop started painting while on tour in Australia. Since then he's been taking up the brush during the downtime when he's on the road.

Now this is Snoop we're talking about, so of course he includes weed in his artistic process.

"It gives me more vision, more thought process," he told PaperMag. "They say you get paranoid when you smoke, so it's like, you really wanna make sure you're putting out some great work. I'm intense and I'm focused on what I'm doing, whether it's the color scheme or adding some sprinkles or even just a pattern. One thing about art, with paint, is that you could just throw some shit on the wall and make something out of it. So if you put your time and effort and focus into it, you can make something really creative. And I feel like when I'm on this [takes a long drag off a joint], it helps me stay where I need to be at. Ya dig?
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