Tekashi 6ix9ine & Crew Threaten To Create a No Fly Zone In New York [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

A few days ago, Tekashi 6ix9ine said he wasn't going to check in with any local gangsters when he travels.  His words eventually caught the attention of OG Spanky Loco, a rapper and a reported L.A. gang member. 

"Anytime that I fly out, go out the country, go out the state, go across state, I always check in with my loved ones," threatens Loco on video. "I always check in with the natives, I always tap in and tune in with the ones that hold it down ... So by all means, homie, check in with the boy. I see you canceled one show, smart move but I'm waiting for you in LA. Pull up."

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In his response, Tekashi said that he didn't cancel any shows in L.A., and he and his crew will be there soon. The Brooklyn rapper also threatened to create a no-fly zone in New York, where other artists wouldn't be able to come to the five boroughs, at least not peacefully.

"Yo, to all the fans, I want ya'll to know, Tekashi 6ix9ine and the Scum Gang did not cancel no shows in L.A.," he barked. "Even though the shows got canceled, we still going to be in L.A."

Then one of his boys chimed in. 

"If ya'll was really gangster, ya'll wouldn't of canceled the shows. Ya'll wouldn't have said nothing," he stated. "Ya'll would have waited to we popped up and did what ya'll did. But we know ya'll ain't really with the shit."

Tekashi then jumped back in and said a little more.

"If ya'll want to act like bitches, we call a no fly zone in the East Coast," he yelled.

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Hopefully, all of this won't send us back to a East, West Coast beef. Do you think this could?


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