Teka$hi 69 Told Cops Different Story About Getting Beaten, Robbed & Kidnapped


Teka$hi 69 was probably robbed of close to 800K in jewelry and cash early this morning.

However, there are now two versions of the incident: What 69's people told TMZ and what 69 told the cops.

In both versions, armed men stopped 69's car and made 69 go to his home to get the money and jewelry. In the TMZ version, he was pistol-whipped and briefly knocked out. In the version he told the police he called his Baby Mama and she came down and gave the men his money and jewelry.

The big difference is what comes next. In the TMZ version, the men then took off with Teka$hi. He was somehow able to jump out of the moving car. Then another motorist called 911 and 69 was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

In the police version, it was 69 who called the police, and he didn't mention the part about jumping out of the car.  The police say 69 became uncooperative after reporting the incident and that he checked himself into the hospital. The police say they don't know how 69 was injured.

69's Baby Mama has also addressed the incident, asking for privacy.

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69 is said to still be in the hospital, but who really knows.

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