Teka$hi 69 Takes Chief Keef's Baby Mama Shopping


Teka$hi 69 won't let up on Chief Keef.

Earlier this week, 69 was wandering around on Chicago's notorious O Block, challenging Keef and all the other drill kids to come and get him. Nobody came, and police presence could be the reason.

For his latest troll, 69 is back in New York and taking Keef's baby mama shopping because Sosa hasn't been treating her right. Keef has a quite a few baby mamas and we'll just take her word that she's one of them.

"If you don't know how to take care of your girl, nigga's gonna take of her for you," 69 says.

After taunting Keef as Sosa's baby mama stands next to him wearing a 69 chain, Teka$hi takes her into Gucci and buys her something nice.

69 really is 50 Cent's son.

Additionally, 69 claimed he was ending someone career today. Do you think he meant Keef?


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