Teka$hi 69 Loses Soccer Showdown To Fitness Model


During the World Cup, Teka$hi 69 posted a video in which he flexed his skills as a soccer goalie.

"I'm so deadass, I was the best goalie as a kid. Nobody can score on me," he claimed.

Then he proceeded to block a bunch of shots while defending a youth-sized net from shoeless youngsters.

He didn't fare as well when he challenged adult fitness model Brittany Renner to a shootout on a regulation net.

The deal was if Renner couldn't score on 69 she would have to move to New York. If she could, Teka$hi had to move to LA.

She scored on him many times and then insulted his dick.

@6ix9ine dick is mad small and he can’t play

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"@6ix9ine dick is mad small and he can’t play," Renner typed.

Here are some more shots of Renner, who can really shoot.

A woman who loves herself enough to implement boundaries that exclude weak men >

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I give 100% in everything I do. If I give you 100% and you give me 90% you get cut off. I’m not wasting my precious time on anyone who can’t match my effort

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When he said “make that jump jump” I really felt that

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