Teka$hi 69 Is Refusing To Work With The Police On Robbery


Last month, Teka$hi 69 was robbed of reportedly almost a million in cash and jewelry after armed men pulled him from his car and took him to his home.

69 called the police after the incident. But now, according to TMZ, he has stopped cooperating with the cops. He won't tell the police what was stolen or how much it was worth. His girlfriend, who was at the home when the armed robbers arrived, isn't cooperating either.  Nor is his driver, who was robbed of his iPhone when the goons initiated the attack.

On top of all of that, 69 now has the stolen jewelry back -- although his jeweler says the pieces are replicas. 

So this is all a big troll, right?

Well, no. The cops have surveillance video that backs up much of 69's initial claim of getting pistol whipped and then forced to get the money and jewelry from his home. For that reason, they are still actively investigating.

69 has said that the robbery was an inside job. So perhaps that's what is complicating things.


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