Teka$hi 69 Has Lost His Multi-Million Dollar Headphone Deal


Teka$hi 69 is having a tough stretch.

The troll rapper and convicted sex offender was recently banned from Barclays Center, the biggest venue in his hometown of Brooklyn.

Now he just lost the $4.9 million headphone deal he had with TUNES Audio.

The headphone company cited 69 being a "person of interest" in two recent shootings for why they cut ties with him before they actually signed the multi-million dollar deal.

 "At this time it is in the best interest of our company to move on. We wish him well, he's a great artist," the company said in statement.

According to TUNES, the "Red" Teka$hi 69 signature headphones that they began producing and were supposed to sell for $249 will now be available on their website for just shipping and handling.

This all sounds like a giant publicity scam, and we doubt TUNES ever intended on paying Teka$hi $4.9 million.

But it's hard to feel bad for a fella like 69. 

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